Saturday, February 25, 2017

Quick connect to nearby connect

This was the day when we were collecting food money anything which can be donated to the flood victims for Chennai. By evening we got everything in the evening we already had enough money and food supplies to be sent to Chennai.. We wanted a Truck ! It was difficult to find one .. We put it on our whatsapp group but we were mostly software engineers and none of us had a truck owner's or truck driver's phone number . Few we had which were either booked or out of station. At that time I thought of this app where we can just post and search our requirement with nearby people and get help from. Who knows at the same time hundreds of truck may be going just crossing us towards Chennai. Anyway after two hours of wait and search finally we got one Truck and we could send stuff to Chennai.

Back home I started my research experimented on the available technologies, wrote few successful proof of concept app with redis, mongo and vertx-java. Then I came up with this idea of integrating nearby technology with a social network touch to make it very generic. It took me great deal of experiment to come up with a user friendly UX. Finally I am done and it's here as you see. It took me long and by the time lot of easier technology like firebase to build such servers have come up but i sticked to my design and technology as I feel it's more configurable.

Ok let me explain a little bit about this app and it's usage .

When we get any useful information of interest from someone unknown through any medium, We tend to ask WHO are you ? WHAT is this ? WHERE is this ? WHEN is this ? HOW much it cost ? etc etc . And if it's exciting and useful we try to help or visit or avail if it is NEARBY. Take few example say 1) A new Ice Cream shop which has opened just near your office and now that the owner wants to tell this to the nearby people, how would he tell all this in short and sweet manner ? 2) You went to a theater to watch a movie but unfortunately you had to leave it for some urgent work how would you sell ticket ? 3) You want to invite people nearby for free health camp . 4) Do carpool and let others know that you are giving free rides till your office. 5) You are going for a office party and you are in short of few people to avail a corporate discount. How will you find interested people from your office who may like to join and avail the offer ?

Take this another case where and how Quikc can help - NGO/College students want to drive the Nearby community for a weekend cleaning drive. They can create a post and publish it with Quikc with channel say #CleanSunday . Now the same message goes to every device who would be using this app and they can join and help. Also college students can use this app to invite unknown nearby interested students and do get-togethers for any such events.

Another case let's say you need an electrician so you would ask nearby people usually to get his contact and then you call him, but what if he is farther he may not be available in-time.. Instead of wandering you can post the same message with #Quikc with a channel name say #NeedElectrician and someone nearby you may be an electrician or know fixing things who would be of your help.

Quikc solves all these problems in a simple and user friendly way by an android app. Just post a message create a channel and push the message to nearby people and that's it you are done. Try this app from google play share your feedback, suggestions and feel free to write me back if you want to say hello.